Thursday, October 2, 2008

Financial Update - October 2008

Cash - $72.00
Banking - $11,427.73
Savings bonds - $5,054.00
401k (vested) - $8,578.53
Roth IRA - $10,824.69
529 - $3,923.89
Brokerage - $136.02
ESPP - $962.88

Credit Cards (PIF every month) - $1662.97
Rent (outstanding checks) - $2650.00

Net Worth: $36,666.77
-10.6% change since last month


Ouch. Quite a rough month here on paper... the essential collapse of the financial market has taken a large chunk out of my retirement & 529 savings, and my company stock ESPP shares have also tanked (sure wishing right about now that I had just paid the exorbitant fees to sell them directly weeks ago!)

In addition, my expenses were quite high. I am moving this month, which is a very exciting event for me personally, but also means I am experiencing such joys as paying overlapping rent and security deposits, and am probably in for a bit more still (extra fuel costs, new furniture & household items). I also paid my 6 month car insurance premium and bought a new laptop this month, further adding to the carnage.

Seeing these numbers is definitely hard to swallow, but I am trying to remain calm and remind myself that these are only paper losses for now and that my ongoing expenses will be much lower after I am fully moved in.