Thursday, March 6, 2008

Here we go!

One year after initially setting up this blog, I'm finally getting around to actually posting in it! Personal finance somewhat fell off my radar late last year, but for 2008 I've renewed my commitment to staying on track and keeping track of my financial journey. To any who may stumble upon my blog here, welcome and thanks for visiting!

A couple of things have changed for me since March of 2007. I've learned a lot more about personal finance from reading all of the great blogs out there. As a result, I've upped my contribution % to my 401k, opened a Roth IRA (April 2007) that I will fully fund each year, opened a 529 for my sister when she heads to college next year, and also opened a brokerage account with a bit of money to play around with. I've also started (as of February 1) keeping up a budget to track my spending and plan for my expenses.

March 2008 Financial Snapshot:

Cash - $64.00
Banking - $8774.14
401k - $6054.25
Roth IRA - $12,319.27
529 - $2,688.84
Brokerage - $429.02

Credit Cards (paid in full every month) - $1297.70

Net Worth: $29,031.82

Overall, a good start I think. Only $970,968.18 to go until that first million!

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