Wednesday, April 2, 2008

In the Beginning

Since this blog just has 2 posts of random numbers right now, I should probably take some time to explain a little more about where I am now and how I got here.

I'm a 2006 college graduate. In September 2006, I started my first job and moved into my own apartment. Up until then, my parents had always taken care of my finances, and being on my own helped me realize just how little I really knew about savings, credit, retirement accounts, and personal finance in general.

My net worth at the time was just barely in the black. Thanks to my parents, I had no debt, but I had no real assets either. The $900 rent deposit check all but cleaned out my checking account, and I had no savings or investment accounts at all. I had a CapitalOne student credit card that I paid in full every month (my parents had drilled that one into me), as well as a handful of dormant store cards I had gotten for the discounts and hadn't used since. While I was "frugal" in the sense that always I tried to get a good deal and buy things on sale, I never thought much about my spending (never mind anything resembling budgeting) and I loved to eat out and spend money on toys (electronics, video games, DVDs, etc.)

To break my financial college-student mindset, I began to spend hours every day educating myself by reading personal finance blogs, books, and the FatWallet Finance forum. A year and a half later, through periods of varying commitment, I feel like I've built a stable foundation to truly begin my financial journey. This will be my travel log.

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