Thursday, May 1, 2008

Financial Update - May 2008

Cash - $13.00
Banking - $5,501.52
Savings bonds - $5,000.00
401k (vested) - $6,955.23
Roth IRA - $12,832.21
529 - $3,376.40
Brokerage - $426.02

Credit Cards (PIF every month) - $613.29
Rent (outstanding check) - $973.67

Net Worth: $32,517.42
+9.15% change since last month!


It was a very good month, thanks to the rebounding stock market and no big-ticket purchases. I was aiming to pass the $30k mark, so it's a great feeling to just blow by it with nary a glance.

My (measly) 401k company match for 2007 posted this month, but since I have only been here a year and a half, I am not yet vested in any of it! I've adjusted the 401k number this month to only show my vested balance.

Also, my much-anticipated I bonds purchase (electronic, via TreasuryDirect) went off smoothly on the 29th. Although the annual limit is $10k, I only purchased the $5k of electronic bonds this time, both to avoid depleting all of my liquid funds in case of emergency, and also to still have the chance to purchase more in October if the rates remain high.

Checking the TreasuryDirect site today, I see that the new fixed rate for I bonds has dropped to 0.00% (wow!) so I'm glad to have locked in the 1.2% rate from before!

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